Dog Grooming Schedule

It is no surprise that Australians LOVE their dogs! So when it comes to dog care, once a month, we bring our dogs to be cleaned from head to nails. But like us humans, they also need a little extra love in between those grooming sessions. Let’s break them down into the following:

– Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi Annual, Annual Tasks.



Daily Tasks:

  • Brush your dog everyday or few times a week, depending on the thickness of their fur coat.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth everyday, if you do not have the time, do it at least once every few weeks.
  • Inspect and clean your dog’s eyes and lashes.
  • Take an hour to play with your dog, pet him, exercise him, and just spend quality time with him.
  • Wash food and water bowls after every meal.

Weekly Tasks:

  • For owners with really busy schedules, brush your dog weekly.
  • For owners with really busy schedules, brush your dog’s teeth weekly too.
  • Inspect your dog’s body, skin and coat. Inspect every fold, wrinkle, flap on the skin, clean and dry them.
  • Inspect your dog’s head, mouth, nose, and clean any folds and wrinkles.
  • Inspect the ears and clean if dirty.
  • Inspect their paws, rear and genitals.
  • Scout your home weekly for potentially hazardous materials, or dangerous items that your dog might play with. Be aware of your surroundings daily if you have messy housemates.
  • Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk if they are elderly, busy or home-bound. This is a great way to bring neighbors closer, and both your dogs can make friends too. This is good in teaching your dog social skills.

Monthly Tasks:

  • Give your dog a full bath and grooming session once a month, but spot wash whenever necessary.
  • Administer parasite preventives. (Some medication might require weekly or other dosing).
  • Inspect and wash all toys and toy chews. Dispose any broken parts, or if it is dangerous or too gross.
  • Inspect and wash all your dog’s apparels, sleeping accessories, blankets and dog beds at least once a month, but more often during flea and tick season.
  • volunteer at, or donate to a local animal-welfare organization.

Semi-annual Tasks:

  • Take your dog to the vet for check-ups, this is especially important for senior dogs (8-10 years old)
  • Check and replenish your pet first aid kit and emergency supplies every 6 months. Discard and replace expired items.

Annual Tasks:

  • Update your dog’s identification, chip information, or whenever the information changes.
  • Affix new stickers on all exterior doors alerting firemen or emergency personnel of the presence of your dog.
  • In spring, take your dog to the vet for a heart-worm check.
  • Annual vaccination and dental cleaning.
  • Celebrate your dog’s birthday or adoption day.

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  Congratulations! You have kept your dog happy, healthy and clean, pat yourself on the back for all the effort and care you put into your dog’s well-being! Now that you have read all the way to the end, here’s a secret for you!

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