The Perfect Bed For Your Fur Kid

We tend to have the mindset that finding the perfect bed is an easy task where all we need to do is go to a store and pick the cutest and prettiest bed that comes by. However, little did we know that our little loyal companions have the same need as us owners when it comes to a place that they can have ample rest after a full day.

Below are a few considerations when it comes to choosing the right bed :

1. Size       2. Weather      3. Age

Although size is the most obvious factor to consider when it comes to choosing the right bed, smaller details like weather, material and the age of your canine, are equally important factors to consider, to ensure their comfort.

Small/ medium size breed

There is a large variety to choose from for your small and medium sized fur kid as they are more compact and it is important to get the right measurement to get a dog bed that fits your canine. Besides, it is important to note that getting a bed that is too big for your smaller sized fur kid might leave them feeling insecure, hence the size of the bed should be fitting, but large enough for them to stretch out.

Soft dog beds are one of the best choices for your small and medium size canine because most of it is filled with lots of cushioning and have raised sides which keep your puppy relaxed, contained and comfortable.

FuzzYard Luxembourg Reversible Pet Bed – Medium


Snooza Good Dog Signature Round Bed



                                                                                                                                       Snooza Jacks Beds



Large/ Extra Large Breed

Choosing a dog bed for larger breeds require a different process as larger breeds need more support against the hard floor. Thick beds, or ones with memory foam, are one of the best to give your pet enough support.

Below are our recommendations for you:

Snooza Big Dog Beds


                                 Snooza D1000 Indoor Pet Beds

Another plus point for getting the pet beds mentioned above is that if your Snooza gets too much love from your dog and needs some repair, Snooza offers free repair service for repairable damage.

  • Weather

For warmer climates, it might be unwise to get a dog bed with fur material as they might end up ditching the bed for the cooler floor. On the other hand, if the weather is getting cold, there is a need for a bed that will keep them warm and cosy.

Recommendations for Warm weather


            Purina Petlife Outdoor Patio Dog Bed



               Snooza FleaProofer Raised Pet Bed

(Both are perfect for outdoor and indoor usage)


                                                                                                        ZeeZ Summertime Nylon Sofa Bed-Small-Cherry/Grey


Recommendations for Cold weather

                                   FuzzYard Eskimo Pet Beds

Snooza Cuddler Indoor Dog Bed



Perfect for both weather

                                          Snooza Pet Futon



  • Age

Elderly dogs are more prone to injuries due to old age and common arthritis and other joint concerns. The best choice is to look for a range of pet beds that are specially designed to cater to dogs that are retreating from the fast paced world. It is important to look for a bed that cares for the spinal health of your pet and at the same time, is comfortable for them to rest on.

Below are our recommendations for you:


                                          Snooza Bumper Beds
Purina Lounger Dog Bed in Latte
                                  Purina Petlife Lounger Dog Bed


odourresistant_ortho_quiltedmattress_teal_large_dog_a4_rgb1        Purina Petlife Ortho Quilted Mattress Teal


The amount of time a dog sleeps will differ from breed to breed and dog to dog. Puppies and older dogs tend to sleep a lot more, while others not so much. Nonetheless, sleeping is a big part of a dog’s life. Dogs tend to sleep the majority of the day. Their longest periods of sleep take place just as everyone around them goes to sleep.

A dog’s bed is literally an investment in your fur kid’s happiness and overall well-being, because no one loves sleeping on a hard floor.

Fuzz Yard dog bed pet bed

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