The Right Dog Toys For Your Pooch

There are various types of dog toys out there for your fur kid and they have different functions, some keep them busy, some keep them accompanied, and others are designed to be interactive. It is important to keep your pets mentally and physically healthy and toys are the best solution. A pet that is bored and have excess energy might end up having behavioral problems. It is important for your fur kid to have interactive play time to increase the bond between the both of you.

The first thing to take note of is the age of your pet. A puppy and an older dog should have different range of toys because a puppy’s baby teeth is different to a grown up dog. For teething dogs, the best choice would be chewing toys that are soft. This is to avoid your pup from chewing on everything that they see including your home furniture and shoes.

There are a few types of different dog toys that we would love to recommend to your fur kid.

Active Toys

Active toys are also being referred to as interactive toys where most of it encourages you to participate in interacting with your pooch. This includes toys such as fetch toys and rope toys. Fetch toys like Frisbee,tennis balls and ropes are the common ones. However, it is also important to check on your pet toys as it might be hazardous to them if small parts of it are being swallowed. It is a must to make sure that you discard it when it is being chewed through.


Snooza Ropee Dog Toy

Zanies Noel & Joy Tennis Tug Poly Dog Toy

Fetch Silicone Frisbee Dog Toy


Distraction Toys

Distraction toys are toys that are being used to keep your fur kids busy when you are too occupied to play with them. iFETCH offers ball launchers that keep your dog busy for hours as you do your work. It is also important to choose the correct sized toys depending on the size of your dog.

The iFetch Frenzy Interactive Ball Game for Dogs is designed for small to medium sized dogs. It is an interactive, gravity-driven fetching toy that doesn’t require any power to function. This package comes with 3 pieces of miniature tennis balls (1.5″), all you need to do is insert the balls into the small hole on the top and it will randomly roll out of one of the three chutes at the base.

The IFetch Too for Medium to Big Dogs is for bigger sized dogs as the balls launch further. A 2.5″ Ball can be launched either on a preset distance of 3, 7 or 12 metres, or a random distance. It is battery operated and the battery can be recharged.

Now you can buy some time to focus on that show you were watching.


iFetch Frenzy Interactive Ball Game for Dogs


 IFetch Too for Medium to Big Dogs

Comfort Toys

An alternative to items such as old t-shirts, towels or blankets that smell like you, and bring great comfort to your pets when you’re not around them, are comfort toys. They are plushies that are considered a favorite for many dogs, but it could be dangerous if your pup is new to it and is not under supervision. Tips about getting the right stuffed toy is to get one that is not too big as dogs tend to carry them around . But it is important to ensure that it is not too small to the point that they accidentally swallow it. 

FuzzYard Dogsta Plush Dog Toys

FuzzYard Green Flea Scratchy
          FuzzYard Scratchy Plush Dog Toy – Green


Snooza Eco Dog Bone Plush Toy



Although toys would be a good choice to keep your fur kid accompanied, it does pose harm to them when not under supervision. There are many factors that make a toy dangerous to your pup that you should take note of. These factors depends on your dog’s size, play style and also activity level. It is important that toys are appropriate for your dog size so that it is not easily swallowed or stuck in your pet’s throat or mouth. It is crucial to monitor your fur kid’s toy and discard them if there are any pieces that are torn off.  

Fuzz Yard dog bed pet bed

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