Types of Dog Beds (and where to put them)

When you bring your dog home, you are accepting the responsibility of providing a happy and comfortable environment for it to grow and develop, this is important if you want to form a satisfying relationship between dog and you. A dog must have a bed of its own. For the owner, washability is a priority, but make sure the bed is also comfortable for your dog. There are various types of dog beds out there that are made out of different material . Below are the few types to guide you through in choosing your dog bed.


Raised Dog Bed

Raised dog beds are suitable to be placed both outdoor and indoor. It is the best when being used during warmer weather like summer to cool your pet down and also to keep them from sleeping on the floor, reducing joint injuries to them. Raised Beds offer a unique advantage by allowing cold air to flow under rather than through your pet. This increases ventilation and overall hygiene. Besides, most of the elevated bed are made from flea free material. Another plus point would be easy cleaning where it just needs to be wiped with a wet cloth. These advantages are great for any breed.

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Snooza Flea Free Raised Dog Bed
                 Snooza Flea Free Raised Dog Bed


Superior Pet Heavy Duty Flea Free Raised Dog Bed – Grey Stripe

Pillow / Cushion Dog Bed

Pillow / Cushion Dog beds look like your standard pillows. It is normally available in different shapes, sizes and materials. The more common shapes include round, oval, rectangular and square. These dog beds are usually stuffed with polyester filling and covered with material such as fleece, denim, faux suede and others material. Most of the pillow cushion comes with removable and washable covers whereby it is also possible to change it to any other covers with different print. These are great for small and medium sized dogs but does not gives enough support to bigger or senior dogs.

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Snooza Shapes Oblong Dog Cushion
              Snooza Shapes Oblong Cushion Beds
Paws N Bones - Navy
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Soft Dog Bed

Soft Dog beds usually come with rectangular, round or oval shapes. Smaller breeds tend to find security in such beds as it acts as a protection to them when sleeping curled up like a ball. The soft dog bed is suitable in keeping your fur kid warm as the shape helps to retain body heat. Most soft dog beds comes with a bolster side that surround the entire bed or a portion of the bed. The raised edge make it possible for your pet to lean or curl up . These are perfect for a cooler weather as it helps to retain body heat.

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FuzzYard Michelin Reversible Dog Bed

snooza-jacks-bed-butchers-stripe1                                                                                                                                              Snooza Jacks Beds

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic beds are suitable for any of your fur kids especially those that are older, overweight and naturally thin. Most orthopedic beds comes with memory foam that responds to shapes and weight. It molds to the shape of your fur kid, enabling them to sleep well as this allows joints, muscles and spines to rest well. These are the best choice from pets that are more prone to injuries due to old age and also the ones with other joint concerns. It does not only benefit senior dogs or dogs that are thin and have joint concerns, it is also comfortable for any of your fur kid. Have a pet that does not sleep well and have restless night? Give orthopedic beds a try to lessen their discomfort.

Our recommendations :



Snooza Big Dog Bed
                               Snooza Big Dog Beds


Snooza Orthobed Dog Bed
                                             Snooza Orthobed Pet Bed

Now, Where do I place my Dog Bed?

Equally important to consider apart from what dog bed to get is, WHERE to place it.

The kitchen or warm utility room is a great place for your dog to sleep in. Dogs like warmth, and the kitchen floor has non-absorbent flooring that is easy to clean. Depending on how hot or cold the weather can get, you might want to consider getting a heat pad or a cool pad so that your dog can use it as and when they need, check out our HoundHouse Heat Pad for warmer weathers!

Other than warmth, an enclosed area will keep your dog feeling safe and secure. The corners would be a perfect hiding spot for your dog to relax in. What is even better is to find a place that has 3 enclosed sides, such as below a staircase or under a desk.

Just like humans, we like our bed to be in a nice quiet area, this means that hallways are not good areas to put your dog bed as they would not be able to relax properly with the passing of many footsteps. Instead, a lounge, or an area where your family goes to relax, would be more suitable.

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