Ways To Keep Your Dog Beds Clean.

It is very important to keep your dog bed clean just like our own bed . Your fur kid probably have been collecting everything such as dirt, drool, fur, flea eggs, food crumbs and more at their bed that they sleep in everyday. As we all know, our pets tend to step out to everywhere that could potentially bring in unwanted dirt and dust with their little paws and also insects that tend to stick on their hair or skin. Although bathing your pet will remove all the dirt and odour from their body, they are constantly resting in their bed that absorb and collects bad odour and unwanted substances.

When getting a dog bed, it is  important to know what are the ways to clean your dog bed. Some people would look for a more convenient way like machine washing and some would look for those that can only be hand washed. It is important to consider whether you would have the time to clean it. For example, purchasing a bed that fits with your home interior but is not machine washable might turn out to be a disaster for busy working adults when it is soaked in urine and the only way is to hand wash it.

  Different Dog Bed materials have different ways of cleaning. Most of the dog beds from our site is machine friendly and comes with removable cover that is washable and replaceable. It is very important to avoid machines with agitators when washing your dog beds because it will end up destroying/ damaging the bed. Temperatures should be kept lower than 30ºC.

  For the drying part, it should be placed flat while drying so that the filling does not drop to one side of the bed. If it does, just shake the bed once it is dry to move the filling back to its place. The most important point when washing your dog bed is not to tumble dry it ! As for beds like raised dog beds, it is easier to clean due to its material. All you need to do is wipe them with a wet cloth or clean it with mild detergent and sun dry it. The cover does need to be replaced after some time .

For memory foam beds which are the common material for orthopedic dog beds, there are more steps when washing them. Memory foam bed usually comes with removable , washable and replaceable cover. As for cleaning the memory foam itself, you have to be as gentle as you can so the best way is to use a gentle cleaning product to wipe it and air dry it.

Below are the DONT’S when cleaning a memory foam bed.

  • DONT put the memory foam in the washer.
  • DONT put the memory foam in the dryer.
  • DONT use hot or warm water to clean the memory foam.
  • DONT scrub the memory foam or treat the surface harshly.
  • DONT place the memory foam directly under the sun light.
  • DONT wash the memory foam in the Washing Machine

It’s is important to follow the above tips when cleaning your foam bed to keep it in good shape. No matter what material your dog beds are made of, regularly cleaning them is important to keep your pets happy and your home from being contaminated.

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